Split System Air Conditioning Installation in Bondi

Sydney weather can be relatively unpredictable and you never know when you’re going to get hit with a sweltering day. As a result, it’s a good idea to get an air conditioning system installed. Not only are we going to talk about the facts of split system air conditioning installation, but we’re also going to take a look at some of the other popular domestic air conditioning systems.


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Included Services with Installation

Some services are included with every installation. These services are included to ensure that the unit is installed properly and safely. Take a look below to see them.

Not only will we inspect all areas of installation to ensure we meet the correct requirements, but we’ll also take into consideration your wants and needs. After the inspection, we’ll come up with a plan to try and meet all requirements, as well as your specific wishes.

Unit Delivery
If you buy a unit from us, we’ll pick it up and bring it right to you. In addition, we can also install a unit you’ve bought as long as it meets the requirements that we talk about later in this article.

Location Evaluation
We’ll look at your whole property to find the best location for your unit. Not only will we look for a location that’s efficient and safe, but we’ll also try and make sure it’s as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

In addition to doing the actual installation, we’ll have skilled electricians and plumbers come in to ensure everything is being done correctly.

Other Issues
Another service that’s included with the installation is letting you know of any other electrical or plumbing issues that we come across. Not only will this help you become aware, but it’ll give you a chance to get the issues taken care of before they get worse.

Safety Certificate
Finally, every installation we do will have an included safety certificate that shows your valid warranty. You’ll want to put this somewhere safe so you can provide it whenever necessary.

Installation Only Cost

We also provide installation for those that have their own unit. While this means you’ll pay a lower price, there are a few things you’ll want to remember. These are listed below.

  • Not usually available for installations on more than one story.
  • The installation will be done with a standard 3-meter pipe run.
  • Doesn’t include concrete or poly slab.
  • Does not include a wall bracket.

These installation types usually start at around $750, but the final price might be different depending on the actual installation.

Approximate Prices

The exact price you’ll pay will depend on a few things, including how many kW you need, what kind of system you’re having installed, and which model you choose. We’ve put approximate prices below, but it’s important to remember that other fees might be added to the final cost.


  • 2.5kW-$1,850
  • 3.5kW-$2,000
  • 5kW-$2,450
  • 7.1kW-$2,850
  • 8kW-$3,300
  • 9kW-$3,850


  • 2.5kW-$1,850
  • 3.5kW-$2,000
  • 5kW-$2,450
  • 7.1kW-$2,850
  • 8.5kW-$3,300
  • 9.4kW-$3,850


  • 2.5kW-$1,850
  • 3.5kW-$2,000
  • 5kW-$2,450
  • 7.1kW-$2,850
  • 8kW-$3,300


  • 2.5kW-$1,700
  • 3.5kW-$1,900
  • 4.2kW-$2,100
  • 6.0kW-$2,400
  • 7.1kW-$2,650
  • 8kW-$3,150
  • 9kW-$3,500
  • 10kW-$3,850


  • 2.5kW-$2,300
  • 3.5kW-$2,450
  • 5kW-$2,750


  • 2.5kW-$1,800
  • 3.5kW-$2,050
  • 5kW-$2,450
  • 7.1kW-$2,850
  • 8kW-$3,300

Which Air Conditioning Wattage Do I Need?

It can be difficult to understand and know which wattage you need for your specific situation. We’ve listed this information below to give you a better idea of what you’ll need.

  • 2.5kW- Great for smaller rooms and bedrooms
  • 3.5kW- Great for large bedrooms and apartment-sized lounge
  • 5kW- Great for average-sized lounge or kitchen area
  • 7.1kW- Great for larger lounges and areas with open plans
  • 8kW- Great for shops and open concept areas

Domestic Air Conditioning Types

Along with a split system air conditioner, there are other types of domestic units that might interest you. Take a look below to see the different types and learn a little more information about each.

Split System Air Conditioning

These are the most popular types of air conditioners and usually have multiple different sizes available. They are usually mounted on the wall, which means you can have them almost anywhere in your house. A split system air conditioner has both an indoor and outdoor unit that works together to cool your home. Another great benefit of these types of systems is that they can usually also blow out warm air, which is great for those chilly nights.

Evaporation Air Conditioning

A ducted cooling system is quite a bit bigger than a split system unit and does a great job at cooling a whole house. This type of system has two units-one that are installed outside of your house and the other that’s either installed in your ceiling or underneath your home. They also come with a thermostat that can be placed pretty much anywhere. This thermostat can control all of your system’s settings, including the actual temperature and the mode you want the system to run in. You can also sometimes choose zones with this type of system, which means you can choose which areas of your home are going to be cooled.

Ducted Cooling Air Conditioning/Ducted Cooling & Heating

If you’re looking for something that can heat or cool your entire home instead of just one room, then a ducted system might be a good solution. These types of systems are usually found in larger buildings or offices but can be installed in residential homes. The internal unit is installed under your floors or in your ceiling and there are a series of ducts that run from the unit to different rooms or areas. This setup makes it possible to create zones that can be controlled individually. Some of these systems are reverse cycle units, which means they can also produce warm air.

Multi-Head/Multi Split Air Conditioning

This type of system is very similar to a traditional split system unit, except it has multiple indoor units instead of just one. They work the same way and can usually also produce both warm and cold air. These types of systems are great for those that want to heat or cool more than one room and give you the flexibility to do so at the same time.

Cassette Air Conditioners

Cassette air conditioners are another system that’s very similar to a split system unit, with a few differences. To start with, the indoor unit is installed on your ceiling instead of on your wall. This makes it a great option for those that want the unit to be hidden instead of being out in the open. The other big difference is that an isolator is included, which is a switch that’s installed next to the outdoor unit and can be switched off in the event of maintenance or servicing. Other than those differences, a cassette air conditioner works the same way as a split system or multi-split system.

Now that you know more about split system unit installation and common domestic units, you’re ready to decide which one is best for you. Regardless of which system you’re thinking of getting, give us a call today!

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