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Roof Mounted Air Conditioners

The Australian climate is prevailingly hot, which means that most buildings in this country have some form of air conditioning. The most common types are wall-mounted models for residential homes or ceiling-mounted ones used by commercial properties; however there’s been an increase recently where people want to install rooftop units too!

Roof-mounted air conditioners: aspects you should know about

The AC unit is a large and complicated machine that needs to be attached securely onto your roof before it can do its job. Once installed, all of the components needed for distributing cool or hot air will come together in one place – making this an easy process! It is often easier and cheaper to fix a problem with your rooftop unit than it would be if you had problems in other parts of the system. This makes routine maintenance much less time-consuming, since one person can handle all tasks without needing help from others!


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The size of the unit depends on the required capacity

The differences between commercial and residential air conditioning are notable. Commercial units tend to be larger, since they need more space for service; additionally the rooftops of public buildings or those that hosts many customers have flat roofs which makes it ideal for mounting on top-of roof mounted systems rather than deep within walls where there would not enough room left over after building construction is complete (and also making sure everything stays dry). In contrast homes typically only require one unit per floor so its much easier spaced out evenly throughout all rooms regardless if its inside vs outside–this reduces weight considerably too!

The Bondi Air Conditioning offers advanced rooftop AC installation

In some cases, property owners prefer the rooftop installation for split air conditioning systems as well. The most common reasons behind such a decision:

  • not enough space for the outdoor unit at the ground level,
  • the owner’s desire to keep the outdoor module out of view or public access.

Our specialists can install AC even on a pitched roof if necessary, but that will require additional equipment and expenses. Reach out to us for solutions!

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