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Split System Air Conditioners

At the COVID-19 pandemic’s peak, Bondi Air Conditioning was providing online consultation and processing for new installation or replacement of old equipment. The company has been in Australia since 10 years ago with an emphasis on customer service to keep you cool during this hot weather!

Air Conditioning Brands

We work with some of the top manufacturers, including Daikin and Mitsubishi. We have an extensive catalog that features models from these companies who care about your safety as well! Our staff is trained in installing green refrigerants or high-quality air filters depending on what you need most for home comfortability without sacrificing either one thing too much else change up here at Bondi Air Conditioning.
We want to make sure that your home is comfortably cool during this hot summer.

We offer energy-efficient air conditioning systems, which will not only keep you cool but also heated! Visit our website or give us a call if any questions arise about which system would best fit for what needs within the house – we’re happy to talk with anyone who wants more information on these products at their fingertips.


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Assistance in choosing an air conditioner

You can install a split system in your home to improve air quality and conserve energy. Before you do, make sure that it has enough capacity for appliances of all sizes with an appropriate cooling fan speed per room depending on how many people are living there.

  • The area and configuration of the house;
  • Height of windows and ceilings;
  • Number of doors;
  • The owners’ wishes about the temperature in the rooms;
  • The requirements of the local government.

In order to choose the right capacity, study the brochures on the website, and additionally consult an employee of our company.

Types of split system installation

With a standard installation, we can set up your new split system to include indoor and outdoor units. The basic package consists of 20 meters worth of cable which is enough for most homes! If you need more than this or would like the Brackets installed as well then it’s no problem because they’re an extra-cost option on top – but don’t forget about how much easier installing those pesky wires will be once everything else has been taken care off first!


What brands of air conditioners are available for installation?

We can arrange the installation of any split system purchased from our company.

Will the installer bring the ordered conditioner with you?

You have to order delivery in advance.

What districts do you install split systems in?

A specialist`s departure for up to 35 km is included in the price. If you live further, we charge you extra.

What to do if there was not enough length of piping?

A specialist will lay additional cables in the walls for an additional fee.

Can I use existing piping for my new air conditioner?

No. Old piping can affect the integrity of the product and its warranty.

Thanks to Victor - awesome guys who just did their job excellently.

Maria Anderson
Maria Andersonmanager

Victor helped us to choose the right unit and quick installation was a bonus. Thank you, guys.

Sarah Peterson
Sarah Petersonmanager