Daikin FDYAN85A-CY 8.5kW Inverter Ducted System

DAIKIN FDYAN85A-CY 8.5kW Inverter Ducted System | 3 Phase | BRC230Z4B Inverter Ducted Technology | R32 New Model Indoor : FDYAN85AV1 Outdoor : RZA85CY1 Controller : BRC230Z4B 4 Zone Controller | 240V

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The Daikin FDYAN85A-CY 8.5kW, providing a cooling capacity of 8.5kW and heating capacity of 9.0kW, is an ideal choice for larger areas requiring precise climate control.

This model integrates advanced inverter technology, delivering seamless and energy-efficient temperature management. It comes with an Intelligent Eye feature, adjusting its operations based on room occupancy to optimize energy savings.

With WiFi connectivity, you can manage the system’s settings and schedules from your smart device. The unit features a sleek design with an easy-to-clean air purification filter, fostering a healthier indoor environment.

For best performance, a professional installation is recommended. Consult the user manual for comprehensive operating instructions and safety information.

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